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Cheat day is the SWEETEST day and what better way to treat yo’self than at the pop-up Dessert Festival?

In this judgement free zone, you don’t need an excuse to chow down on tasty treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact – we encourage it.

Here are our top picks of dessert deliciousness:

Yogetit Herob

Yo-get-it Frozen Yoghurt

Do you love froyo as much as us? Well if you do (because let’s face it – who doesn’t?), you’re in luck because Australia’s favourite frozen yoghurt is coming to town.

With so many products on offer, you’ll find a froyo to suit - whether you’re looking for a guilt free treat (they’ve got options that are 97% fat free, naturally sweetened and high in protein) or have a special dietary requirement (options include gluten free and dairy free), Yo-get-it has got your back.

What’s even better than froyo? Froyo with toppings. Yo-get-it’s options are literally endless (ok, not really, but pretty close to it) with everything from decadent sweet treats right through to nourishing sprinkles.

So, what are you waiting for? Yo-get-it!

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Deep-Fried Ice Cream

It’s been described as the 9th wonder of the world – and we know why!

There’s not much that’s better than ice-cream, but deep-frying pretty much seals the deal, and thanks to our friends at IcePhile, deep-fried ice cream is heading to the Dessert Festival.

The team will be serving up their signature staple all weekend long – the delicious deep-fried ice cream balls in a range of flavours including nuts, berries and coconut!

So, there’s only one question to ask, in the words of the great Craig David – What’s your flavour?

Sails 18 2999

Did Someone Say Waffles?

There’re waffles – and then there’re Crunchy’s Waffles.

The only thing cooler than the delicious waffles themselves and that’s the ultra-cool double-decker bus they are served in (they’ve even got an item on the menu in its honour – the “Double Decker”).

Specialising in sweet Liège and Brussels waffles, Crunchy’s also offers a savoury menu influenced by Dutch and Belgian cuisine.

From tropical fruits to mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings to toasted coconut and nuts, you can order one of their waffles that look almost too good to eat or get creative and build your own!

Kitefest Redcliffe Festival Sunday Moreton Bay Region 21

Sunshine in an ice-block

I got an ice-block, got an ice-block full of sunshine, I got a love and I know that it’s all mine!

What better way to welcome in Spring, than with an all-natural Frozen Sunshine ice-block.

With more than 60 artisanal flavours to choose from - you'll literally be spoilt for choice.

Using Australian fruits and supporting our farmers, Frozen Sunshine’s ingredients also include real vanilla, Belgian Chocolate and organic coconut milk.

The best part is – all ice blocks are free of dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts making them suitable for anyone and everyone including those with digestive sensitivities, allergies and vegan diets.

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