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Les Hughes, true to its name, is the home for many of the local sporting clubs in the Strathpine area. However, outside of organised sports, the complex also includes;

  • a walking and running loop on the park perimeter,
  • free to use exercise equipment supplied by the Moreton Bay Regional Council,
  • basketball court
  • skate park

Members of the public are invited to utilise these fitness services at any time. You’ll also be surprised to discover that the complex has a lot more to offer for families!

Learn to ride a bike

Tucked behind the PCYC is a wonderful bike track. With road signs and looping, interlocking pathways, this is the perfect location to let little ones peddle around on their bikes in safety. Why not play a game of ‘policeman’ and teach them basic road rules, such as stopping at pedestrian crossings, giving way at intersections and keeping to the left hand side.

Looking to ditch those training wheels? The bike track at Les Hughes is the ideal location to get your children confident in riding their bike without training wheels. With a nice long stretch of concrete to get them started, they’ll be peddling unassisted in no time.

Aside from the kids bike track, Les Hughes also has a skate park for the more adventurous of BMX and skateboard riders. With a large skate bowl, this is a popular spot for local kids to hangout and practice their skills.

There is also a series of gravel jumps and a dirt bank which add that extra level of fun.

Playground for toddlers

Situated just off Casuarina Drive is a brightly coloured playground perfect for toddlers and early primary aged children. With a slide, spider climb and swings, this playground is a fun adventure after a morning of bike riding and scootering.

Why not bring a picnic? A picnic table is only a few meters away and is conveniently close to parking.

Off leash dog park

With two picnic shelters, park benches and agility track, the fenced, off leash dog park at Les Hughes is a place for man’s best friend to stretch their legs and play. The park is large and easy to get to, with amble parking available from within Les Hughes Sporting Complex or a short walk from Casuarina Drive. Best of all there is a footpath which loops around the entire perimeter of the grounds, perfect for taking your beloved pet for a little exercise before setting them loose to play.


  • Bike park
  • Play ground
  • Fenced off-leash Dog park
  • Excercise equipment
  • Picnic shelter
  • Park benches
  • Skate park
  • Basketball court
  • BMX jumps
  • Car parking

Sadly, the toilets are locked on Sundays.

Get fit and have fun at Les Hughes Sporting Complex


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