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The self-guided Redcliffe Foreshore Public Art Trail guides you through a public art collection which reflects the unique character of the Redcliffe peninsula as well as the people and histories of the Moreton Bay Region. Integrated into the streetscape and landscaping, these artworks collectively express a local dialogue between nature, culture and people.

Apparatus for Non-Destructive Transmission of Biological Visualisation (ANTBV)

Artist: Russell Anderson

Medium: Stainless steel & cast aluminium 

Features: Hand-wound electricity generator powering LED lighting and internal automata

Date: 2011

Above the southern parkland and located on Redcliffe Parade is Russell Anderson’s artwork, entitled Apparatus for Non-Destructive Transmission of Biological Visualisation. The work is an interactive sculptural device presented as a popular street-side amusement.

Russell, a longtime Redcliffe local, has created a fictional nautical legend of what was once a real 19th century explorer vessel, shipwrecked in Moreton Bay. This device, salvaged from the wreck, contains the captive essence of a sea creature. Viewers are invited to turn a handle, generating power to view the sea-creature essence contained within and its projected image.

This sculpture tells the story of an imagined local history. ANTBV acts as a fictional appliance or device that evokes the past by using design elements from another era. As the only remaining invention of a fictional, early nineteenth century naturalist, this device is an interactive sculpture that explores local fauna on a whimsical level.

About the Artist

Russel Anderson has been a full-time artist for 20 years, his art and design practice is focused on whimsical kinetic sculpture, play and interactivity. His works can be seen in public art commissions, playgrounds, street furniture, community projects, theatre design and festivals. 

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