Tangalooma Classic Day Cruise with Aussie Jet Boat

Tangalooma Island Resort

For those wanting an exhilarating Moreton Bay adventure, jump on the Tangalooma Classic Day Cruise with Aussie Jet Boat! Enjoy everything that Tangalooma has to offer plus learn more about Moreton Bay dolphins, snorkel the clear waters, and explore the famous Tangalooma wrecks.

Tangalooma Island Resort your way:

Make the most of your Moreton Island Classic Day Cruise with Aussie Jet Boat. This island experience includes:

  • Return boat transfers from Holt St Wharf, Brisbane.
  • Day pass access to the resort.
  • Full use of resort facilities including pools, restaurants and bars.
  • 1 standard beverage on the boat transfer (tea, coffee, soft drink or water).
  • Lunch voucher ($20 per adult, $15 per child).
  • Aussie Jet Boat Ride.
  • Eco Ranger experiences.
  • 'Discover the world of Dolphins' presentation at the Eco Centre.

Aussie Jet Boat

Got the need for speed? Enjoy speeds up to 80km per hour and adrenaline fuelled action on boar Tangalooma’s new speed boat, the Aussie Jet Boat! With manoeuvres such as tail slides, figure 8’s wave jumps and 360 degree spins, you’ll feel like Moreton Bays Top Gun! The comfortable 3-point harness system will keep you secured while on the boat.

What’s so special about Moreton Island?

Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world, covered in steep sand dunes and gorgeous wildflowers. Enjoy walks along the rocky headlands, or relax around the nearby creeks and lagoons. With rich local history and culture, there is plenty to learn on your Moreton Island daytrip experience. Moreton Island National Park is home to over 1,200 species of plants and animals, including dolphins, turtles, kangaroos, wallabies, and sulphur-crested cockatoos.

Want a sneak peek of the island? Moreton Island’s vast sand dunes are visible from the beautiful coastal paradise of Moreton Bay Region.

Why not upgrade to a Premium Dolphin Feeding Day Cruise with Aussie Jet Boat!

What makes the Tangalooma dolphin feeding experience so special? The untouched national and marine parks of Moreton Bay make Tangalooma one of the few destinations in the world where visitors can interact with native wildlife in their natural environment. Undoubtedly, the favourite regulars of Moreton Island’s many locals are the family of wild bottlenose dolphins who visit the shores each evening to be hand-fed by resort guests.

The Tangalooma Island Resort Premium Dolphin Feeding Day Cruise provides fish for you to feed these gentle, playful creatures, and a lesson on conservation and protection. For a truly memorable encounter with these beautiful animals, make sure to book now!

Departure times for your Moreton Island cruise adventure

Departing from Brisbane (Holt St Wharf): 7.00am or 10.00am

Departing from Tangalooma Jetty:

4.00pm Guests must return to Brisbane on the 4pm launch from Tangalooma.

About Tangalooma Island Resort

A short 75-minute catamaran cruise from Brisbane and Moreton Bay, Tangalooma Island Resort is the perfect holiday destination for families and couples looking for an understated yet unique adventure. Escape the city and get your camera ready for an educational and nature-based outing – right on Brisbane’s doorstep on the incredible Moreton Island! Renowned for its friendly dolphin encounters and Tangalooma wrecks, Tangalooma on the golden shores of South East Queensland’s beautiful Moreton Island allows you to choose how you want to stay. If you’re looking to extend your day trip and Moreton Island cruise, there are five beachfront resort accommodation styles ranging from 3.5 to 4 star quality, including hotels, units, villas & apartments, each set amidst luscious landscaped gardens and natural bush land, most with ocean views.

For Moreton Bay adventures and more, explore the island paradise on Brisbane’s doorstep with the Tangalooma Classic Day Cruise with Aussie Jet Boat.

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