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Birch Carrol and Coyle Morayfield is the perfect place to catch a movie or enjoy a relaxing meal to catch up with friends before the seeing the latest blockbuster. With a vast range of food and drink, accommodating staff and promotions Event Cinemas Morayfield brings together all the best things from going to the movies. Whether it’s their ‘Bring your baby’ events to their ‘$8 student night’ deals Morayfield Cinemas has got it all.

Food & Drink

When we think of the movies most Australians think of popcorn and choc-tops, they complete every snack bar making them a good go to for cinema food. Birch Carrol and Coyle Cinemas Morayfield is no exception to this they’re fully stocked snack bar Scoop Alley offers all the yummy goodies from lollies, M&M’s and popcorn through to slushies and soft drinks. They're also pretty well known for their combo deals, often with a themed cup you can keep as a souvenir, as well as their out of the ordinary cinema food.


Regardless of the occasion, BCC Cinemas Morayfield has got you covered. From date night packages to the always popular $8 student Mondays Morayfield Cinemas has it sorted. A popular promotion is the Bring Your Baby movies, giving parents a chance to catch a film without the concern of the little one making too much noise. Breastfeeding mothers? No problem. Colicky toddler? Not a problem, Bring Your Baby is for you, now you’ve another reason to catch that blockbuster you wanted to see.

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