Tips to Help you Prepare for the Bribie Island Triathlon

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Posted 24 January

Are you considering entering a triathlon, or have you already signed up for your first triathlon event?

Here’s 9 tips to help newbie triathletes prepare for the Bribie Island Triathlon and get the most out of race day:

#1. Go short before going long.

Ease into training for a triathlon. Push yourself, but don’t overdo it. Listen to your body and take water breaks, if you start to feel ill, immediately lie down and put your feet up on a wall, a chair, anything you can find and hydrate.

#2. Familiarise yourself with the course.

Get over to Bribie Island to give the triathlon course a go at your own pace before the day. Break a sweat, but again, don’t overdo it. The more familiar you are with the route, the more confident you will be on the day.

#3. A swim suit and goggles is all you need for the swimming component.

You can wear a wetsuit if you desire, but getting it on and off may slow you down, adding seconds to your race time.

#4. Any bike is fine to use.

It can be a road bike, mountain bike, or a hybrid. Just have it serviced beforehand if it hasn’t been used in a while, or check it’s in working order and give it some TLC yourself by degreasing and oiling it up fresh on race day.

#5. Make sure you have good quality running shoes.

Don’t skimp on decent shoes and ensure you wear them in before the race. Go to a sports store and call the experts over to help you pick out the right shoe for you. Test the pair out in-store by walking around and jogging on the spot to make sure the shoes don’t chaff your heels and fit comfortably.

#6. Don’t make a molehill into a mountain.

You can be ready for a triathlon race with less than 5 hours per week of training, you just need to be consistent and ramp up your training each week as your fitness and stamina improves. Just make sure you begin training 2-3 months prior to the event.

#7. Practice your transition time.

Transition time counts in your overall race time so practice smooth and fast transitions from swimming to cycling, and from cycling to running.

#8. Tackle the first half of the race at a slower pace.

Most newbies start too quickly and lose their steam too early. You should estimate how much time you think it will take to complete the triathlon and then do it a slower pace than what you believe you are capable of. Then, at the halfway point, you can push it up a notch, pick up the pace and finish strong. This is referred to as a negative-split effort.

#9. Drop some seconds off your time, by bringing along elastic shoe laces.

Elastic laces let you slide your feet into your running shoes, eliminating the need to tie-up your laces.

Additional tips from running experts

Lisa from Dolphins Health Precinct has some more great running training tips for you and we have 5 suggestions for where to do running training in Moreton Bay Region. As for cycling training, you can bike the entirety of the Petrie to Kippa-Ring shared pathway stretching 12.6 kilometres, or pedal power along the Redcliffe peninsula, or go mountain biking in 5 different Moreton Bay Region hotspots. You can also join a local gym, or do laps in a local pool to work out all your muscle groups.

Bribie Island

What is the Bribie Island Triathlon?

The 2017 Bribie Island Triathlon organised by Run Inn Promotions, is a 4 race triathlon series which has been running for 34 years, growing from its humble beginnings to become one of Bribie’s biggest sporting events.

The Bribie Triathlon course consists of 3 continuous and sequential endurance disciplines in immediate succession, tackled over various distances:
  • A tide assisted swim 
  • A flat and fast cycle 
  • A shaded and scenic run (a favourite amongst triathletes)

Keen to Compete?

There are a few different event options for eager 2017 competitors:

Full Series Package

The full series package allows discounted entry into all 4 events. This option is available for individual entries only for Short / Long Course Triathlon and the Active Kids and First Timers events.

Triathlon Long/Short Courses

Long and short course options are available.

Triathlon's for first timers and kids

Active First Timers

When: The Sunday of each Bribie race weekend.

Active First Timers is designed for people who’ve never done a triathlon, and those who are interested in a short, fun race. It is intended to give newbies the chance to experience a triathlon in a fun, non-competitive and encouraging environment.

The Active Kids Race

When: The Saturday of each Bribie race weekend.

Active Kids is designed to introduce kids aged 7 – 13 to triathlon, offering children a great opportunity to race in a fun, encouraging, non-competitive environment. On the day entries are available. All entrants receive a medal and a cap upon completion. Children compete in age groups, the distances covered are determined by their age.

So get pumped and get training for your first Bribie Island Triathlon!

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