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Posted 24 January

Moreton Bay Region’s very own home-grown music sensation, The Bee Gees Barry Gibb has announced an early 2017 album tour to celebrate his long-awaited solo album ‘In The Now’, released earlier this month on 7th October.

‘In The Now’ is a Collaborative Triumph for the Gibb’s Family

The last remaining Bee Gee’s brothers’ new solo endeavour entitled ‘In The Now’ has been a long time coming, with fans waiting 30 years for more songs written by Barry Gibb since his last solo effort.

It is the first album featuring all new material since the Bee Gees’ final 2001 studio album and the first solo album put together through collaboration with his talented sons, Stephen and Ashley, who co-wrote 12 of the songs on the new album.

Let The Bee Gees Barry Gibb bring New Music to your Ears Live in 2017

You can listen to songs written by Barry Gibb live in early 2017, when Barry tours the country solo as part of his ‘In The Now’ world tour, kicking-off the first leg in his home-state of Queensland, in homage to where his and his brothers’ international musical rise to stardom began.

The announcement of an early 2017 album release tour is music to fans ears, the last remaining Bee Gee brother last toured Australia back in February 2013 which saw him bring his solo Mythology Tour to our shores.

What to Expect

Barry Gibb’s 2017 solo world tour will be dedicated to celebrating his new ‘In the Now’ al

The tour’s first stop will be at The Brisbane Entertainment Centre on April 5th, followed by a show at Hope Estate Winery in the Hunter Valley on April 8th, before moving onto arena shows in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney from April 20th to April 29th.

The ‘In The Now’ Tour promises to showcase a generous selection of global Bee Gees hits which will pair perfectly with Barry’s new solo material.

Catch Barry Gibb at Bluesfest 2017

For more live songs written by Barry Gibb in collaboration with his sons, grab tickets for the Byron Bay Bluesfest next year on Monday, 17th April 2017 in-between his scheduled World Tour appearances down-under.

The Bee Gees Redcliffe Roots…

Though Barry lives overseas these days, he still considers Redcliffe home and the peninsula certainly hasn’t forgotten him or his brothers, commemorating The Bee Gees indelible mark on the local and international music scene and through erecting Bee Gees Way in honour of all 3 Gibb’s brothers.

The colourful Bee Gees Way connecting Redcliffe Parade and Sutton Street, pays tribute to Barry, Robin and Maurice with murals of the band as young boys, statues of them grown-up and a glass print of the Bee Gees’ first contract, along with other touching inclusions.

“Moreton Bay Regional Council has allowed me to share even more memories of my time in Redcliffe, stories from different eras of our lives and career, and honour my brothers Robin, Maurice and Andy,” Barry explained.

The Bee Gees Barry Gibb unveiled Stage 2 of the laneway personally as part of Redcliffe Festival 2015.

Redcliffe Reminiscence – The Bayside Paradise where The Bee Gees Began

Fond memories of his childhood bayside stomping ground include the Redcliffe Speedway, a local institution which exists only in memory now, resonating close to Barry’s heart as one of the first gig locations the Bee Gees performed at. The brothers would play to crowds of people who would throw money onto the track.

“We sang through the PA system and people threw money onto the track. Redcliffe became the birthplace of our name – the Bee Gees,” recalled Barry.

The Bee Gees first music contract was signed on the family’s kitchen table in Redcliffe.

Since 1958, The Bee Gees Barry Gibb has called Redcliffe a paradise, so why not visit Moreton Bay Region’s peninsula to see for yourself what draws the last remaining Bee Gees brother back time and time again despite all the years which have passed since The Bee Gees departure from our shores in 1967.

“My memories of my time in Redcliffe are as vivid today as when I was running around barefoot with my brothers exploring its many treasures,” said Barry.

Great Spots to Explore around Redcliffe

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