How to make your New Year's Fitness Resolution stick

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Posted 24 January

New Year’s resolutions can be like that fresh bunch of flowers sitting on the kitchen table – they brighten up our lives for a week or so, and then are thrown away when they lose their “new” factor.

That said there is a reason we turn to them year after year. When the clock strikes12:01am, January 1st, it’s a time of renewal - a time that feels a little more special than June 30th. Think Sunday night hopes and dreams for the new week…only on a much grander scale. But how do we make those New Year’s resolutions stick? Especially if you’ve stood on a soap box, announced it to the world, and REALLY don’t want to hear your best friend deftly whisper “I told you so” in your ear.

Resolutions to get fitter and healthier are always at the top of the list, and by having a clear goals, both long and short term you can lower the chance of quitting before you really get started.

Set a realistic goal that you can achieve

Try to avoid setting a loose goal. A plan to run 5km by this time next year are plagued with ambiguity. Events like the Jetty 2 Jetty Fun Run (J2J) in Redcliffe are the perfect goal for a fitness-centric New Year’s resolution. The J2J is held right near Brisbane and makes the most of the stunning views along the Redcliffe Peninsula. It features 3km for the first-timers, right up to 21km for those promising to push themselves a bit more in 2016. J2J will run on Sunday, July 17th so you now have a long-term,six month goal in your sights.

Get SMART and then get SMARTER. SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) ensure you can measure your progress. An example of this is planning to run 5km straight within two months. You begin by setting a 1km goal by the end of two weeks (running three times a week). You then plan to increase this to 2km by the end of the month, and so on.

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Focus on the change NOT the results

Okay. So you’ve called yourself out. There’s no going back. How do we get through this alive?

It’s easy to fantasise about winning the New York marathon. But how are we going to get there?

If you're new to running or walking long distances start with small lifestyle changes. For example, set your alarm 45mins earlier each morning. Then, once you’re used to waking up a little earlier, use this extra time to go for a run or walk. Next timeyourat the shops swap that juice or soft drink for water. Every step, no matter how small, contributes to the final goal.

Don’t Give Up

There is nothing better than completing a goal that you set yourself. Nobody was going to give you an “F” if you quit. The world would have kept on spinning if you decided that one morning you might just stay in bed instead of getting a sweat on. But you kept at it,and achieved your goal. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from this type of success. No matter what you choose to achieve in 2017 – Good Luck and don’t give up.

3 great places to start your fitness journey around the Moreton Bay Region

  1. Take a bike ride along the Moreton Bay Cycleway, not only is it a 22km return cycle, it's has spectacular views of the Moreton Bay Marine Park! Don't have a bike? Don't worry, you can hire one right here from Street Art Cycles.
  2. Hike Somerset Trail in the Mount Mee section of D'Aguilar National Park. Most people complete the 13km circuit in around 4 hours. Remember to pack water, food snacks, small first aide kit and a camera!
  3. Hire a kayak at Bribie Island and explore Pumicestone Passage. During your paddle you'll be treated to a diversity of wildlife, from shorebirds to dolphins and even dugongs on occassion.

For other great events in Moreton Bay Region click HERE!

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