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Posted 12 June

Farm-grown, hand-picked and straight to the plate – fresh is always best when it comes to food. We take a look at some of the tasty delights grown and produced right here in the Moreton Bay Region in the lead-up to the Strawberry Festival Sandstone Point event.


Moreton Bay Region Food and Agriculture

With its enviable climate and perfect mix of coast and hinterland, the Moreton Bay Region is home to a number of food and agricultural businesses.

From afternoon nibbles and drinks by the bay, to sunset picnics off the beaten track, it’s all about treating yourself to locally-sourced treats and eats this season...and nothing is more delicious than the sweetness of farm fresh strawberries.

Our region is one of the largest strawberry producing areas in Australia, and as luck would have it, we are also home to Ocean View Estates Winery & Restaurant, the award winning, North Brisbane winery which can provide perfectly paired wine to accompany your strawberry delights, as well as the fine-cheese specialists: Little White Goat.

Why not indulge? Now is the time to prepare your palate for the Strawberry Festival Sandstone Point?

Wine & Strawberries Pairing Recommendations courtesy of Ocean View Estates

So, what are the best wines to match with this versatile, aggregate fruit?

Our North Brisbane winery experts recommend a sparkling rosé, such as Ocean View Estates signature ‘Sparkling Reflections’, which not only looks the part, but has a distinct poached strawberry flavour – great for an afternoon BBQ.

Prefer beer to wine? Ocean View Estates’ ‘Hibiscus Saison’ is a gluten-free beer fermented with hibiscus flowers and rose petals. Fruity in flavour and lacking the bitterness of a regular beer, it makes for the perfect beverage to complement this lusciously red, aggregate fruit.

The Perfect Combo in the Lead-Up to the Strawberry Festival Sandstone Point

The strawberries are picked, the wine is paired, now let’s put the finishing touches on your strawberry and wine feast.

Tucked away in the green pastures of Wamuran, Little White Goat specialises in a variety of cheeses, including the popular Persian Goat Feta.

Here, Little White Goat’s Buffalo Feta is teamed with strawberries and a date and pistachio paste. Deliciously sweet with a fluffy texture, the fine cheese is light with just the right amount of saltiness.

Jams, tarts and pies – they’re all enticing, especially at this time of the year. But for a modern twist on the traditional favourites, why not cosy up inside or enjoy an al fresco get-together with friends sipping strawberry-inspired cocktails?

Cocktail Recipes

Try out some of these wonderful cocktail recipes at your next shindig, courtesy of North Brisbane winery Ocean View Estates: 

Strawberry Mule

  • Tall strawberry beverage with ginger beer that’s easy to drink.
  • 2 x Strawberries
  • 3 x Lime wedges
  • 45 ml Vodka
  • Top with Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Glass: Hurricane

Method: Muddle lime and strawberries, add all (but ginger beer) Shake and pour into glass, top with ginger beer

Garnish: ½ Strawberry

Berry Ripe

The decadent tastes of a Cherry Ripe, all in a chilled glass? Yes Please!

  • 6 x Raspberries
  • 6 x Blueberries
  • 30 ml Frangelico
  • 30 ml Chambord
  • 30 ml Malibu

Glass: Rock

Method: Briefly muddle berries, shake all with ice and pour into glass

Garnish: 2-4 fresh berries on a long toothpick

Home Grown

Whether it’s fresh off the vine or trawler, or direct from paddock to plate, the Moreton Bay Region is brimming with fresh food options.

Ocean View Estates sources its micro herbs and garnishes from Blue Dog Farm (Ocean View), select local meat from Long Yard Beef (Bribie Island), and prawns and octopus from Crusty’s Seafood (Shorncliffe).

10 Fun Facts about Strawberries

We’ve picked a punnet of strawberry facts you can pluck out during the Strawberry Festival Sandstone Point event.

  • 1.Eight strawberries contain more Vitamin C than one orange
  • 2.Strawberries are a member of the rose family
  • 3.Eating eight strawberries a day can improve memory and lower blood pressure
  • 4.The strawberry plant is a perennial, meaning it lives for several years
  • 5.One cup of strawberries is about 45 calories
  • 6.There are six different varieties of strawberries grown commercially in Queensland
  • 7.Strawberries must be picked at full ripeness, as they cannot ripen once picked
  • 8.Strawberry plants grow best in a cool, moist climate and do not do well in warm temperatures
  • 9.The strawberry was used as a medicinal herb during the Medieval Period
  • 10.In Norse mythology, the strawberry was associated with the goddess Frigga, patroness of matrimony and Oden’s wife

There’s More Foodie Fun to be had in Moreton Bay Region

Love a delicious food fest? Lock in the Strawberry Festival Sandstone Point for the 19th August.

Interested in food, lifestyle & sustainability events? Visit Redcliffe for What’s Cooking in the Gardens on 3rd September.

Can’t go past a fresh seafood smorgasbord? Don’t miss the Sandstone Point Oyster Festival on 18th November.


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