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Posted 24 January

Scarborough marks the turn-back point for the Gleeson Klein Stegeman 21 Kilometre Half Marathon Jetty 2 Jetty Fun Run. The return route from Scarborough Boat Harbour (next to Jamieson Park) back to Woody Point Jetty will take you all along the Redcliffe waterfront up and down small hills and sloping gradients making it an ideal stretch not only for performing running exercise, but also for a spot of peninsula bike riding. Here’s the lowdown on what you’ll encounter as you leg it along the foreshore for J2J.

Jetty 2 Jetty is Moreton Bay Region’s Most Picturesque Fun Run

The water vistas across the bay accompany you all the way back to Woody Point. These water views are complemented by sandy beaches and sprawling foreshore parks dotted with towering hoop pines, while along the roadside you’ll see luxury apartments, units, houses, resorts, cafes, restaurants and shops as far as the eye can see. What you really should keep an eye out for along this waterside stretch are whales as Moreton Bay Region’s whale season is currently underway lasting into October.

Jetty 2 Jetty Redcliffe Moreton Bay Region running along beachfront

1st Half of Your J2J Return Run

Grab a drink from the hydration stations before running back from Scarborough Boat Harbour. Once you’ve rehydrated push on back to the foreshore. You’ll first pass by Scarborough Park and Pirate Playground. There are Jetty 2 Jetty hydration stations along with toilets situated within this park with more bathrooms and amenities handily placed along the return route. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the tantalising smells of freshly roasting coffee wafting across the street from the cafes lining Landsborough Avenue. Keep pounding the pavement following its winding flow as it snakes past Queens Beach North, Queens Beach, Queens Beach South, and Redcliffe Jetty, all the way down to the popular Settlement Cove Lagoon situated not far from Bee Gees Way off Redcliffe Parade.

Settlement Cove Lagoon Redcliffe Moreton Bay Region

2nd Half of Your J2J Return Run

You’ll find more toilets by Settlement Cove Lagoon and witness lots of families and kids playing and splashing about in the water. This lagoon is a favourite seaside paradise for families with younger children as its free to use, safe and open all year round offering BBQ facilities, playgrounds and other amenities to park-goers. Forget about the burn as you watch people play and have fun while you power through the area. Continue along the snaking path whizzing past Suttons Beach, Suttons Beach Park and Margate Beach. There is another hydration station located at Suttons Beach and both beaches are equipped with toilets. Another hydration station awaits between Margate Beach and Scotts Point Progress Park. Not far to go now!

Margate Beach Redcliffe and Bayside Moreton Bay Region

You’ll sprint past Scotts Point Progress Park – another hydration station located nearby here – and Gayundah Coastal Arboretum before coming across the Gayundah shipwreck lying dormant in the lapping waves off Gayundah Esplanade beneath the cliffs of Woody Point. This once proud Navy warship was sadly wrecked in the 19th century. Don’t stop for a photo op just yet, you’ve almost made it to the finish line at Crockatt Park by Woody Point Jetty, just keep pushing yourself for the last 350 metres (approximate) from the Gayundah wreck around the corner to the finish past The Belvedere Hotel, a permanent fixture on Woody Point’s skyline since the 1890s. Once you have rested and rehydrated at the finish line’s hydration station why not stroll over to take a peek at the storyboards at Jetty Square by Woody Point Jetty. These storyboards will transport you back through time with the fascinating milestones of the original structure built in 1888.

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